Those who enjoy good food will not be disappointed in Corfu. The numerous Tavernas and restaurants offer traditional Greek fare. Fresh fish caught by local fisherman is a speciality. Menu prices for fish may seem expensive but it is priced by the Kilo so each portion is weighed and separately priced on your final bill.

There are too many to mention individual eateries, however, every town and village have their eating places with some producing high-quality local food and others more basic fare.

Corfu Specialities

Not to be missed dishes include: the tasty sofrito which is a veal rump roast of Venetian origin; pastitsáda a bucatini pasta served with diced veal cooked in a tomato sauce; bourdétto which is cod cooked in a peppery sauce; mándoles which are caramelized almonds; pastéli which are honey bars made with sesame, almonds or pistachios; mandoláto which is a "pastéli" made of crushed almonds, sugar, honey and vanilla, and finally tzitzibírawhich is the local ginger beer, a throwback to the British era.

The island offers good fresh meat and tasty local cheeses, the best known being Feta. Corfu is mostly planted with olive groves and vineyards and has been producing olive oil and wine since antiquity. The main wine grape varietals found in Corfu are the indigenous white Kakotrýgs and red Petrokóritho, the Cefalonian white Robóla, the Aegean Moscháto (white muscat), the Achaean Mavrodáphn and others.

Recently, Corfu has witnessed the introduction of specialist cultivation techniques. These, supported by the mild climate, have enabled kumquat and bergamot oranges to flourish which are extensively used in making spoon sweets and liqueurs. Corfu also produces local animal products, such as Corfiote graviéra cheese (a variant of gruyere) and "Corfu" cheese (a variant of Grana); "Corfu butter" (Boútyro Kerkýras), is an intensely flavored cooking and baking butter that is made of ewe's milk; and the noúmboulo salami made of pork and lard and flavored with orange peel, oregano, thyme and other aromatic herbs, which are also burned for smoking.

Self Catering

For those self-catering, besides the ubiquitous supermarkets, the streets of the Old Town make a rare treat. Here you will find supplies of local delicacies, meat, fish and liquors.