With calm clear water and a warm and sunny climate, sailing the Ionian Sea around the coastline of Corfu is a favourite pastime for visitors during the spring, summer and autumn period.

The Ionian Sea that surrounds Corfu attract yachts, motor cruisers and boats of all shapes and descriptions from far and wide. Many of these vessels are privately owned, however, there are several rental outlets in the region from which it is possible to charter a boat, either with or, for the more experienced yachtsman, without a skipper.

Yacht Charter And Sailing Holidays

The law in Greece states that to charter a yacht or motor cruiser without a skipper, there must be two experienced/qualified yachtsmen in the party. There are several yacht charter outlets in Corfu and throughout the Ionian region offering boats of all sizes, both skippered and bareboat (skipper the boat yourself).

Many less experienced sailors prefer to sail along with an organised flotilla of boats. This means that you can skipper your own boat, but have the expertise of an experienced skipper nearby if you require any advice.

For the absolute beginner, the best option is to charter a skippered boat. Often, the boat will have a cook included in the crew, making this a very pleasant way to experience the Ionian Sea around Corfu. You can either sit back and enjoy being sailed around the coastline or on some charters, you can learn the ropes of sailing from the crew as you go.

Whichever method of cruising the Ionian Sea you choose, yachting around Corfu makes for an idyllic holiday. If berthing alongside one of the many waterside tavernas that can be found the Corfu coastline, you will probably be able to stock up on your water supplies from the taverna owners - in exchange for eating at their restaurant in the evening, of course!

Recommended Reading

Greek Waters Pilot by Rod Heikell provides detailed guides and charts for the waters and harbours around Corfu as well as the Ionian and Aegean coastlines.